How to sell your products online

What we do

We sell your products online for you

We offer a proactive end-to-end approach to get rid of the red tape, optimise your online sales, increase your turnover and provide you with a simpler, more effective way to sell your products on Takealot, Loot, Makro and other online stores. Our service offering allows your to quickly and easily make your products available for sale with major online retailers. By leveraging from Takealot’s 90% market share in the online e-commerce space, you gain access to proven and online sales channel to successfully increase your sales and grow your business.

How it works

Focus on your core business while we build your online sales channels for you. We list your products online, manage your online sales, provide you with sales reports and take care of all of the admin that comes with selling your products with multiple online retailers.


Sign up as a supplier with Digovate


Provide us with your product information


Send items based on orders on our channels


Get paid for your orders 4 times a month

Why Use Us

The benefits of working with Digovate are clear. With our industry knowledge and experience, we can help you get online in the most effective way.



Getting supplier accounts with major online retailers is never gauranteed, and takes a lot of time, effort and documentation. Not to mention the process of listing your products and getting them live. By working with us, you cut out major steps in these processes.



We take care of all the admin for you. You’ll never need to struggle with the process of building and running a successful online business on Takealot and other major retail stores. 



We will grow your turnover for you and work with you to maximise your sales online. With our advanced analysis and forecasting processes, we cracked the code to ensuring that you’re always generating as many sales as possible.